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What happened after Garyn and Ibani left Chirrut and Baze to sort things out is nobody's business but Garyn and Ibani's, but they enjoyed it immensely.

It's morning now, and she woke up early out of habit, so she slipped out of bed to go get breakfast. She slips back into her room carrying toast, eggs, tea, and bacon for two.

(OOC: Warning for vague adult content.)
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Sometimes, even after you're dead there's still work to be done. This is less of a problem for Force Users and even less of one for the Master of the Dead. Ibani simply made extensive preparations across the galaxy while she was alive and carried on as a Force Ghost when her body died, shaping history when she could.

This time, the Empire will not rise, the Jedi will not be slaughtered, and the Temple of the Kyber will remain standing. She will not permit anything less!

The Kyber crystals sing in the Force, as almost anyone knows. What fewer people know is that they sometimes react to Force Users by glowing, even if that Force User is a Force Ghost.

There is a silvery laugh in the Kyber caves as Ibani manifests, a blue glowing image of a middle aged woman, dark hair just beginning to gray in black robes. The Kyber crystals glow for her, as they always do when she visits. "I'm happy to see you too, but you're going to cause a tizzy upstairs saying hello so loudly, you know."
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Sooner or later, everyone gets sick.

"Chirrut doesn't often ask things of the Force, but as the fall edges its way into winter, he has been asking for one thing daily. He prays that this year, the winds don't come." (Warning for mention of past child harm.)

Baze and Chirrut have their first birthday after becoming Dads!

Ibani is finally, FINALLY, cleared for sparring much to the delight of her and her Dads!

How do you keep your Force sensitive daughter from being snatched up by visiting Jedi as a Padawan? You arrange for her to be somewhere else while the Temple has 'visitors'! Ibani embarks on her first ever field trip. Unfortunately, even in another time she's a magnet for trouble and weirdness. (Warning in the second link for a very vague spoiler for Ibani's future canon.)
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In one version of events, the slave child Ibani met a version of Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe where the Empire never came to power.

The next morning, the two Guardians learn a little more about her situation and a promise is made.

The trip to free Ibani's mother.....does not go as planned. (Warning for harm to children, children killing people, and brief gore.)

Once Ibani has fallen asleep after the ill fated rescue, Chirrut and Baze deal with the emotional fallout.

Then, then it's time for them to take Ibani home
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Today, Ibani has Baze all to herself, and he's to going to show her around the spaceport!

She's never been this far from the Temple before, not since she came to NiJedha!
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It's been a few days since the fight with the bullies and Ibani has been gleefully showing her new friend around and helping her get settled in. Despite the fact that Sabla is the only Miraluka in the Temple, nobody has been teasing Sabla. Possibly word got around about the reason Ibani was covered in bruises a few days ago.

Sabla's parents came and picked her up earlier, but right now Ibani is anxiously waiting for her dads to be finished with the classes they're teaching so they can all go and visit Sabla's house!
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Ibani had gone off to the market to run a few errands, something she does fairly regularly without coming to any mischief. Today though, well, today there were bullies that needed to be Dealt With.

Which is why Guard Kastan is standing in front of the Temple of the Kyber, shifting from foot to foot and tapping her fingers against her belt. She's asked one of the acolytes to fetch Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus so she can escort them to the guard station where Ibani is currently being held.

Guard Kastan is presuming Ibani's parents are pilgrims, which means she's likely in for quite a surprise!
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After this, things got interesting.

There are so many beer bottles scattered over the floor, so many, evidence of an ill advised drinking competition.

Ibani is leaning against a bed, sleeping lightly. SHE won't be hung over, but Chirrut and Baze, well.....
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Ibani feels....well, she's not sure how to describe what she feels. She comes through the door to Milliways looking shaken and pale, vulnerable. She hates being vulnerable.

Darth Zash tried to steal her body, her identity, her power, her legacy, and was within a hair's breadth of success. Ibani is trying not to think about it, because she's afraid that if she starts to fall apart in here there will be no getting herself back together.

She has her hands wrapped around a mug of something intensely alcoholic, but she hasn't drunk any of it yet. Her hands are shaking, you see, and they never shake.
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Despite Chirrut being the Best Dad Ever, along with Baze, there are things he can't really appreciate. Desert gardens, for instance. Which is why Baze is taking Ibani on an outing without Chirrut today.

OOM: Masks

Jul. 6th, 2017 01:01 am
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(OOC: Lines in italics are taken from/adapted from canon.)

Ibani lies in her bunk on her ship, thinking. For once in her life, she's not sure she adequately explained something to someone that DOESN'T involve the Force. Rylee and Destris had been mystified by her knee-jerk reaction to their suggestion to just dump Paladius' body somewhere. "That's just not done!"

How do you begin to explain a cultural norm that you've never stopped to think about? A Sith not taking care of the body of another Sith when it is well within their power to do so is just Not Done. Taboo, perhaps, but that's not quite right either.

The failures, those are the ones whose bodies are left for the wild animals or fed to beasts. That was Korriban's open secret, that those who failed to become Sith would have no burial. She remembers holding the skull of a failed acolyte during the Rite of Blood and Bone, dipping it in blood as an augury for her future. For that matter, any Imperial citizen would expect someone to retrieve their body for cremation or burial. Only animals or slaves have their bodies abandoned like rubbish.

Sith have built tombs for their fallen enemies, elaborate ones, they do not just abandon an adversary to be forgotten even, perhaps especially, if they hate them.

She's sleeping fitfully when she feels the presence of another Force User in the room. She throws a fatal blast of Force lightning at the presence before she's even moved from where she lies. The ghost of Lord Kallig stands there unharmed, perhaps even slightly amused. The wall did not fare so well, the paint thoroughly blistered and the wall warped from the heat and electrical current.

Ibani scowls at her ghostly ancestor. "Given your current condition, I KNOW it wouldn't have killed you to knock. That wall was just painted."

"Flesh of my flesh. Listen to me. I cannot linger long. It takes too much out of me to appear here. But I must warn you."

"Warn me of what?" Ibani asks, mood sour. She has a NAME, thank you.

"Your Master, Darth Zash, is plotting something. Whatever it is can mean nothing good for you."

Ibani stares at the ghost incredulously. "THAT'S what you came all this way to tell me. Of course she's plotting something, she's still alive. And I figured that her plans were not in my best interest MONTHS ago."

Ibani senses considerable irritation from Lord Kallig. Good! "I have seen Zash making her preparations. She's taken two new apprentices, a boy named Kaal and a girl named Corrin. She's been sending them into the Dark Temple - presumably to confirm that I am gone."

Ibani draws a hissing intake of breath. New apprentices... that seems unlike Darth Zash, considering how many years she spent searching for her first apprentice. Unless she knows she's going to need a replacement soon, or needs tasks done that she doesn't want Ibani knowing about. Either is not good news. "Well, that does bode," she admits, reluctantly. "Have you seen Zash herself in the tomb?"

Lord Kallig nods. "She comes every day now, studying the place and performing rituals."

Ibani raises an eyebrow. "What kind of rituals?"

"Minor ones. Preparations for something bigger."

"Any suggestions as to means to combat whatever it is she's planning?"

"An enterprising Sith Lord on Korriban has uncovered a piece of my old armor, my mask. It will protect you against Zash's onslaught. Go. Claim it."

Then the Force ghost fades out of existence and his Force presence vanishes. "I'm real tired of getting orders, but extra protection is nothing to scoff at." She sighs. "Korriban, just about the last place I ever wanted to see again. Still, I'll manage."

Stealth is an often underestimated skill, Ibani feels. Why in the galaxy would she go in and fight through all the guards and confront the Sith and his apprentices when everyone had to sleep sometimes?

Ibani turns the mask over and over in her hands, studying its physical appearance and its 'feel' in the Force. There is power in it, something more than mere metal. Could she make something like this, one day? She shakes her head, puts the mask safely away. Speculation can wait, she has an amulet to deliver to Darth Zash and most likely orders to find yet another artifact.
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"It's obvious that Master Imwe is her father, isn't it?"

"Well, yes, they DID adopt her."

"I meant biologically her father."

"That's quite a conclusion to jump to, isn't it? Especially since they don't look anything alike."

"Obviously she takes after her mother in looks! You don't find it at all suspicious that one day they just turn up with a child, a child who's strongly Force-touched and shows an uncanny aptitude for staff work? A child that they're raising as THEIRS instead of treating her like the usual orphans we take in?"

"Well, when you put it that way..."

"And he would have only been, what, in his mid-forties when she was conceived? That's hardly pushing the bounds of plausibility for a human male."

"Alright, say I buy that. Why did they wait until she was eight to bring her here? And I can't imagine they'd let ANY child get to be in as bad a condition as Ibani was when she arrived! You remember how small she was, how malnourished!"

"Well, obviously he didn't KNOW he had a child. As for her mother, I've heard that she still has nightmares about her mother's death."

"Poor child, hardly surprising. They must have found her in Nijedha somewhere, in that condition. The Force works in mysterious ways, I suppose. What kind of people would treat a child so terribly?"

"Well, I'm sure they're not in NiJedha anymore, whoever they were. Not after Master Imwe and Guardian Malbus found them."

"I don't remember hearing about them finding a child slavery ring in NiJedha."

"What makes you think the law ever had a chance to get involved?"

"You think they killed them?"

"Let's just say I'm not sure I could have resisted the temptation to hit them hard enough that they never got back up and that Master Imwe is a far angrier soul than I am, eh?"
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It's been a year, exactly, since Ibani first set foot in the Temple of the Kyber. Which means it's Ibani's 9th birthday.

Ibani has forgotten this, which is why she's still sound asleep. (She's not used to HAVING a birthday, and last year they had to celebrate later.)
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Thank the Force, the second and third days of their 'field trip' were largely uneventful, with only Ibani stubbing a toe to mar the blessed calm.

Now though, now the sky suggests a storm is coming, for Summer is storm season on Jedha. They'll need to be somewhere safe from possible flooding as well as from the fury of the storm itself.
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Baze is taking Ibani down to the markets in Nijedha today, so she's waiting excitedly for him on the front steps of the Temple.

There are pilgrims coming up and going down the steps of course, but most of them don't pay Ibani in her red robes much attention as they ooh and aah over the Temple.
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Ibani is lying on the floor, datapad in front of her, scowling.

Karking word problems.

If you and five friends each have 100 credits, and the red speeder costs 500 credits, the blue speeder costs 600 credits, and the purple speeder costs 700 credits, what should you buy?

Ibani glares at the stupid question and writes : You shouldn't buy a speeder at all, because you can't fit 6 people on one speeder. You should all save your money and buy something that makes sense.
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They've been unreasonably lucky, and they haven't had to deal with the question of what to do with Ibani if a Jedi comes to the temple. But that luck couldn't last forever, and it finally runs out less than a week after her first sparring session.

The safest path is to go, to take Ibani out of the Temple and into the wilderness of Jedha for as long as the Jedi are in residence. The official story is that this trip is for survival training, hands on experience in the wild. Ibani's hardly going to complain about having her Dads all to herself for a while!

She's watching the last of the supplies they'll need be loaded as the cold Jedhan sun starts to rise.
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It's a few weeks shy of a full year since Ibani first set foot in the Temple of the Kyber, and someone who hasn't watched her progress over that time would find it difficult to believe that she's even the same person!

She came the temple a tiny, malnourished, shy, little girl, but now she's solidly in the middle of her age group for height and weight and she's confident enough to sass others and employ sarcasm on a regular basis.

The sass is why she had courtyard cleaning duty this morning. (One of her teachers did NOT appreciate Ibani answering the request to 'tell me what I said' when they thought she wasn't paying attention with their exact words in as close to their exact voice and verbal tics as her physiology would allow.)

But even courtyard cleaning can't dim her spirits, because today is the day she is finally, finally cleared for sparring.

She's very nearly bouncing as she goes looking for her dads.
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Ibani has a secret. Well, two secrets, to be honest. She's been working on birthday presents for her dads!

She's never gotten anyone anything before, or made them something, so the work has been difficult. Scrounging for bits of leather, dropped credits, valuable things to trade for materials, those were the relatively easy parts. No, the hard parts were settling on designs and actually MAKING the presents.

The setting and thong for the Adegan crystal she gave Chirrut is finished, but the last bits of braiding on the leather bracelet for Baze are proving tricky. She scowls at it, uses the Force to make the material hold still so she can tie the end properly. Almost done....
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